Feeling comfortable with contact lenses in your practice

9:00 Anatomy and physiology of the ocular surface (Prof. Philippe Kestelyn, UZ Gent)
9:20 Selection of the patient, indications and contra-indications (Dr. An Santos, Monica Antwerpen)
9:40 Materials of soft and RGP lenses (Mevr. Viviane De Vries, Hogeschool, Brussel)
10:00 Adaptation of RGP lenses (Dr. Veerle Beirnaert, UZ Gent)
10:20 Q&A – round table

10:40 Coffee break

11:10 Adaptation of soft lenses (Mr. Marco Van Beusekom, J&J)
11:30 Adaptation of soft toric lenses (Dr. Sarah Paxinou, Saint Pierre, Bruxelles)
11:50 Care systems and hygiene (Mevr. Linda Van der Jeught, Alcon)
12:10 Q&A – round table

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Lenses for presbyopia correction (Dr. Cathérine Peyre, Paris)
13:50 Correction of irregular corneas (Mr. Jean-Claude Delcourt, CHU Liège)
14:10 Scleral lenses (Dr. Inge Leysen, UZ Antwerpen)
14:30 Orthokeratology (Mevr. Elien Janssen, Procornea Nederland)
14:50 Q&A – round table

15:10 Coffee break

15:40 Contact lens related infectious ulcerations (Dr. Ru-Yin Yeh, Citadelle, Luik)
16:00 Sterile inflammatory complications (Prof. Carina Koppen, UZ Antwerpen)
16:20 Therapeutic use of lenses (Dr. Nashwan Al Sabai, UZ Antwerpen)
16:40 Q&A – round table