Board meeting Tuesday 7th of March 2017.

(Secretary of the meeting: Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert ( JB), President
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe ( FVC), vice-President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary

Ben D’heer (BD)
Peter Evens (PE)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Carina Koppen ( CK)
Jean-Marie Rajic ( JMR)
Guy Sallet ( GS)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)
Robert Van Horenbeeck ( RVH)
Jerome Vryghem (JV)


1/ approval of previous board meeting

No Remarks

2/ VAT reglementation

Explanation of Mr Jorn Peyskens (Certifisc):

Syndical Organisations are not VAT liable when this is the only activity of the association.
Educational activities are also not VAT liable when this is the only activity.
Every other service provided should be VAT liable.

The BSCRS also offers other activities (Congress organisations with catering services, expositions etc)
That’s why Sobeveco/Bscrs should be a VAT liable company and consequently the membership and congress fees need to be VAT included.
Also, invoices to other organisations including AOB need to be made VAT included.
In the present case BSCRS has to make an invoice due to the profits of the OB congress : 7786,40 euro + VAT.

A taskforce consisting of 3 board members were asked to investigate the regulations that have to be followed (Application VAT identification number, price estimation accountants etc)

The following members will take care of this task:

Bernard Matthys, General Secretary
MJ Tassignon, Treasurer
Carina Koppen

3/ BSCRS Maastricht

Approx. 150 participants during the meeting on Sunday

4/BSCRS Spring Meeting Waterloo april 22.

Scientific organisation

Speakers who have confirmed their participation:

John Kanellopoulos
Milind Pande
Artur Cummings
Richard Packart

A detailed program will be published on the website as soon as possible


Catering: ok and confirmed

Martin’s Hotel: BSCRS has taken an option on several rooms.

5/ OB 2017

Next meeting : proposal of the program.


Liability insurance

An insurance for all the board members to cover their liability concerning the fiscal obligations of the association should be made by sobeveco/bscrs.
Carina Koppen wil inform through the insurance broker if this is the case.


Wednesday 31th of May.

Tuesday 29th of August.

Your Secretary of the meeting,
Ben D’heer