Board meeting 09/12/2015

(secretary: Dr. Peter EVENS)

Present: Dr. Guy Sallet, Dr. Robert Van Horenbeeck, Dr. Marie-José Tassignon, Dr. Peter Evens, Dr. Benoit Golenvaux and Dr. Bernard Mathys.

Excused: Dr. Van Cauwenberghe Francoise, Dr. Jérome Vryghem, Dr. Rajic Jean Marie, Dr. De Wilde F., Dr. E. Tackoen, Dr. Carine Koppen, Dr. Oscar Kallay, Dr. Ben d’Heer, Dr. Stefaan Reynders, Dr. Thierry Van Doorselaer, Dr. Johan Blanckaert and Dr. Albert Galland.

1. Approval of previous board meeting:
The report of the previous board meeting is approved with unanimity.

2. Discussion AOB-statutes


3. VAT reglementation:

We have to adopt VAT reglementation wherever the industry becomes partner in generating income VAT on aesthetic surgery (blepharoplasty) would be subject to VAT reglementation from January 2016. Refractive surgery is functional and not aesthetic surgery (cfr. KCE report).

4. OB 2015:

Due to terror threat, the OB meeting in November was postponed to a new date: 11 January to 13 January.
So the BSCRS meeting “Indications for Anterior Segment Surgery: Pushing the boundaries” will be completely transferred to Wednesday 13 January.

5. BSCRS Winter meeting 2016:
Due to transfer of the OB meeting to the beginning of January, the BSCRS Winter meeting in Ostend will be postponed to April 2016.

BSCRS Meeting programme:

23/04/2016: morning: Scientific program (invited speakers only – the programme is closed)
afternoon: Ethical course
evening: Social event in the Thermae

Nurses and Technicians programme:
Theme: “Hygiene in ophthalmic practices”

6. Website
a) Inscription will be through the website:
Every member including board members have to register through the website.

OBAO will be invited to participate to the Winter Meeting. They will have no costs for organizing, on the other hand they will have no part in the income.

b) BSCRS membership fee: 90€
Peter Evens suggests a promotion fee of 250€ for a 3 year membership including free participation on the Winter meeting.

7. General Assembly: 23th April 2016
Preparation by Bernard Mathys. Right now, there are 2 vacancies: Oscar Kallay (BSCRS member for 4 years) can be re-elected. Guy Sallet (BSCRS member 2×4 years, cannot be re-elected).

8. Next meeting:
23 February 2016 in the “Grill aux Herbes”.