Board meeting Tuesday 12th of December 2017.

(Secretary of the meeting : Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert (JB), President
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC), vice-President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary
Marie-José Tassignon (Treasurer)

Ben D’heer (BD)
Peter Evens (PE)
Carina Koppen ( CK)
Jean-Marie Rajic ( JMR)

Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Stefaan Reynders (SR)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)
Robert Van Horenbeeck ( RVH)
Jerome Vryghem ( JV)

1/ Approval of previous board meeting

The report of the previous meeting has been accepted.

2/ Debriefing OB2017

The voting sytem was well apreciated, although the system was not perfect.
BD informs about alternative sytems with an App.
Simultaneous wetlabs should be avoided parallel with the BSCRS session.
The BSONT session should take place at the same moment (nurses and technicians are unemployed during the BSCRS sessions)

3/ BSCRS Winter Meeting:Antwerp program update

Dinner at Horta, Antwerp
Subject of the evening: “the Commencement”

BSCRS meeting: Saturday the 24th :
Subject : “Bag to the Future”
Several speakers are proposed and will be contacted by MJT.
The Board will discuss the lectures at the next meeting.
A voting system will be provided.

Myopia control
Dry eye
Specialty Lenses

No program yet

BD will ask the Board of the BSONT if they are interested to join our meeting.

Privacy issues in daily practice

Subject: what is cataract ? (JB)

4/ certifisc update

MJT has planned a meeting with Certifisc.

5/ combined meetings : BSCRS-SAFIR versus SBO-SFO

It would be interesting to organize a combined meeting with SAFIR in Paris.
BM informs about the possibilities.

6/ Update Ambulatory Surgical Centers

There have been talks with the government regarding subsidy to connect the EMD to the central servers.
The insurance companies have promised to be more transparant due to the insured guarantees of the patients.


Tuesday, January 9th 2018.


Your Secretary of the meeting,
Ben D’heer