Board meeting July 14th 2016.

(Secretary: Dr. Peter Evens)

Dr. Guy Sallet, Dr. Robert Van Horenbeeck, Dr. Fernand De Wilde, Dr. Jérôme Vryghem,
Dr. Jean Marie Rakic, Dr. Francoise Van Cauwenbergh, Dr. Prof. Marie José Tassignon, Dr. Peter Evens, Dr. Carine Koppen, Dr. Stephane Reynders, Dr. Benoit Golenvaux, Dr. Johan Blanckaert and Dr. Bernard Mathys.

Approval of the report of the previous board meeting.

The report of the previous board meeting is approved with unanimity.

2) VAT reglementation for BSCRS:
Dr. Prof. Marie José Tassignon gives a little update on where we are with this VAT reglementation.
At this point we have no complete answers on this VAT reglementation.
Dr. Johan Blanckaert propose to postpone this topic for the next meeting in October.

3) OB 2016
Title of the 2016 OB meeting: New tools and techniques in anterior segment imaging and surgery.
Moderators: Dr. Fernand De Wilde, Dr. Benoit Golenvaux and Dr. Peter Evens
Programme was adapted lightly. In annexe, you will find the adapted programme with the speakers.
Speakers must confirm their presence at the OB.

4) ESCRS Wintermeeting in Maastricht:

a) Participation of the BSCRS at the ESCRS Wintermeeting in Maastricht.
To attract Belgian residents, a discount of 250€ per BSCRS member was proposed so BSCRS would like to confirm it’s participation in a joint meeting.
This means some kind of complementarity in composing the programme and the speakers.
The refund of BSCRS will be used as a grant.

b) BSCRS Classic Wintermeeting will become a spring meeting (end of May- beginning of June).
Dr. Peter Evens has some more information about the location: St. Elisabeth Chapel in Waterloo. This location offers 3 simultaneous rooms for BSCRS conference, for OBAO lectures and for the ESONT symposium.
In the evening, there will be a musical intermezzo followed by a walking dinner in the Art Deco environment.
Cost (on basis of 200 persons): catering during the day: 66.5€ VAT included / person

Catering in the evening including a reception, drink after the conference and a walking
dinner: 60€ / person
We would have to add about 45 euro per person for the location and the audiovisual support.

So considering the fact that the evening programme is less expensive than at the day, the overall cost for organizing the Spring meeting in the St. Elisabeth Chapel will be the same.

Dr. Jérôme Vryghem and Dr. Johan Blanckaert will be responsible for organizing this conference.
Dr. Peter Evens will be responsible for the logistics.

Possible dates are 06/05, 13/05, 27/05, 12/06, 24/06.

5) AOB:

6) Taskforce savings
Topic: refund for assistance during cataract surgery only for assistants in ophtalmology

Update website: The website is updated for BSCRS-SOBEVECO.
The new president can maybe make a little word for the homepage.

Some words about the Surgical Training programme with the surgical simulator: Cost price: 180.000€
Marie José Tassignon gave some information on the price of the equipment on the rental cost of the location, on the support of the companies.

The next BSCRS meeting will be on 5th of October: Some Brazilian doctors would like to have a competition on surgical videos at the ESCRS. A new italian company NNC would like to participate at the BSCRS Spring Meeting.

All members of extra-mural centres perform surgery have to be member of BSCRS.

Stephane Reynders suggests that refining nomenclatura numbers, cataract surgery should be mentioned per eye so that we don’t loose 50% on the second eye in case of bilateral surgery.

Jérôme Vryghem has somebody to replace him as speaker at the ESCRS Academy on the 28th of October in Moscow. Topic: Cataract surgery in previous corneal surgeries.