Board meeting 15/10/2015

Prior to the meeting from 20.00 to 20.30. They will leave at 20.30.

Presentation by P Jonckheere (President AOB) and Accountant

  • Proposal for meeting in UEMS-house in Belgium for different societies
  • Proposal for new regulations and statutes (VZW/ASBL for smaller societies)
  • Central secretary for different societies
  • Central accountancy for different organizations

1/ Approval of previous board meeting

Flash news on website can be read by anyone.

2/ VAT reglementation
for BSCRS and organizing congresses

Report of Marie-José: any progress?

3/ Preparation OB 2015
(P.Evens – G.Sallet– T.Van Doorselaer)

  • Final program is on website OB
  • “Indications in anterior segment surgery: Pushing the Boundaries”

BSCRS Winter meeting 2016.

23th of january, Ostend

Organizing committee : GS, SR, BD

Venue: Thermae Palace, Ostend


Friday 22th: Golf tournament Friday afternoon
Royal Ostend Golf
Board and speakers dinner
Ostend Queen

Sat 23th – Scientific program ophthalmologists

9.00 – 10.30     video symposium : “challenges and nightmares”
11.00 – 12.30   “ tricks and tools to prevent challenging cases”
14.00 – 17.00       Afternoon session : ethics with BBO-UPBMO & SOOS

Program nurses and technicians

“Hygiene in ophthalmic practice”
the BSCRS will provide a certification after this education to all participants.

Evening : A social event event together with the industry will be organized

5/ Keratoconus & cross-linking

SOOS responded to AG

6/ Website


  • link to BSCRS-day in OB-programm
  • Wintermeeting

7/ Eyecare Bachelor

SOOS proposed to start a new “Bachelor in Eyecare “, an education with two directions to choose : “orthoptics or refraction” à to be followed

8/ Extramural surgery

concerning cumulation of nomenclature:

a combination of consultation, IV injection and punction of the anterior chamber is possible.


  • ESCRS:         Report of meeting of European Council
  • BSCRS:           registration fee wintermeeting for residents : 50 euro
  • OBAO:

OBAO seems to be interested in a combined meeting with us.
We received a letter from their president Vincent Qin through BG

  • BSCRS Wintermeeting 2017 : Dr Rudy Nuyts proposes a joint meeting : ESCRS+ BSCRS in Maastricht.