Board meeting May 24th 2016.

(Secretary: Ben D’heer)

Guy Sallet (GS)
Bernard Mathys (BM)
Marie-José Tassignon (MJT)
Peter Evens (PE)
Carina Koppen (CK)
Jean-Marie Rakic (JMR)
Ben D’heer (BD)
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Thierry van Doorselaer (TVD)
Jérôme Vryghem (JV)
Johan Blanckaert (JB)
Fernand De Wilde (FDW)

Stefaan Reynders (SR)

1/ approval of previous board meeting

2/ Report general Assemblv/ New president
New candidates for the board: Johan Blanckaert, Al Sabay, Oscar Kally, Robert Van Horenbeek, Jérôme Vryghem.
Johan Blanckaert and Jérôme Vryghem are elected.

Johan Blanckaert (JB), new member of the board is elected by the board members to become the new president of the BSCRS (congratulations, Johan!)
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC) will stay as the Vice-president of the BSCRS.

3/ VAT reglementation
MJT had an appointment with a tax specialist about the VAT reglementation.
The accountant company asks an amount of 1400 euro/year for preparing all the offìcial paperwork. MJT and Danny Matthysen will prepare this documentation.

4/ BSCRS Spring meeting 2016
23th of January, Ostend

A provisional balance was made (estimation): Revenue: €58.000
Cost: €34.000
Balance: €24.000

The scientific meetings were very succesfull with a lot of participants. Also, the social event was attended by many nurses and technicians.

5/ AOB
The meetings take place in UEMS, the house of AOB in Brussels

PE will represent the BSCRS in the board of AOB.
GS the daily assembly of AOB.

Report of the AOB board meetins (PE)
AOB proposes a general accountancy and administration for the participating associations.

The benefits of the ” AOB office” organisations are:

Certifisk: the revenues of congresses (OB) are VAT liable.
When the BSCSR takes a participation in “certifisk” , the fìscal organisation of AOB, no vat is applicable.
The fee to participate certifisk = 750 euro/year
No decision is made yet on behalf of this subject.

Ogone: payments can be made via Ogone (but until now all the payments to the bscrs are made trough a free bank transfer.
For every transfer through Ogone an amount must be paid to this company.

AOB can also take care of mailings, communications etc.
The heritage of the Jules Francois Library will be integrated in AOB.

6/ OB 2016
BSCRS day: responsible: PE and BG
“How magnifìcent are the new tools in cataract and refractive surgery today”

Diagnostic part: 8×10′
Therapeutic part: 8 x 10′
Low vision: BWP-OBPC ( MJT): Mr Pelly, Boston: intra ocular low vision implants

At next meeting, a detailed program will be presented.

7/ Next BSCRS Spring meeting 2017
The ESCRS wintermeeting takes place in Maastricht next year.

Rudy Nuyts is interested in a joint meeting with the BSCRS.
MJT will discuss the financial consequences of such joint meeting.

The board decides to have our own spring meeting together with SOOS and OBAO.
The beginning of this success story should be continued.

PE proposes the “Chapelle Elisabeth” in Brussels and will inform about the possible data.

8/ Surgical training residents

MJT proposed to purchase an “EyeSi Simulator” to train residents.
This machine could eventually be placed in the building of UEMS in Brussels.
The board approves to participate in this project, together with sponsoring of the big companies.
The residents wishing to use these facilities should be member of BSCRS.
This surgical training will be organised by the educating departments and certificates will be made after participation.

9/ Membership fee BSCRS

The BSCRS counts 150 paid memberships.
Each member of an extramural centre must be a member of BSCRS, SOOS and BBO. The ophtalmologists who give intravitreal injections have the same obligations.
Until now 134 extramural fees are paid to SOOS.


Grant ESCRS Kopenhagen
The board decides to donate this grant this year to Vincent Qin (UCL)

PE and BD will organise a meeting to update the website.
The existing logo of the BSCRS with colors will stay like it is, but “Sobeveco” will be attached.

Trial against Turkish optician in Antwerp
A lawyer takes care of the trial against Turkish opticians in Antwerp. BSCRS will take care of 1/3 of the costs.

AOB lecture @ OB 2016
The board proposes Dr Ioannis Pallikaris for this lecture.

Task force government
JB planned a meeting at the end of May with the syndicate of general practitioners about the proposals of the savings.
On the 3th of July the “task force” of the government should have a final proposal to be discussed in the TGR and later in Medicomut
Will be continued…

Next meeting
will be held in Wemmel on Wednesday the 13th of July.

Your secretary.
Ben D’heer