Report of the BSCRS meeting 24/10/17   Brussel

1/ Approval report

last Board meeting: no remarks

2/ AOB: Unique fee for the societies: Presented by Paul Jonckheere at AOB.

We want a separate fee for every society. As we see in France (Safir is independent of SFO,ASCRS is independent of AAO…). We don’t want this unique fee.
AOB is creating a working group on this matter.

3/ How can we enhance membership numbers in BSCRS?

We now have 167 members. Peter is head of a working group to stimulate membership.
The website is important. Members of BSCRS get a discount when buying in a certain company. A group purchase gives extra discount and so we can attract new members. Why not a newsletter exclusive for the BSCRS members?
All doctors working in extramural centres should be obliged to be a member of the BSCRS. 135 eye doctors do work in these centres.
Peter, Fernand and Stefaan will go to the next “extramural workgroup meeting” to defend this proposal.
We need a secretary to take care of these matters.
Proposals will be presented after the winter meeting.

4/ OB 17:

Update on the program: Jean-Marie thinks of using a voting system.
The author prepares a question with 5 possible answers and the same is repeated after the presentation. 1 person will comment the results of the vote.

5/ Winter meeting

Saturday, specific date to be decided asap.
Location “a room with a Zoo” Antwerp

Program: “Bag to the future” (sorry BACK) we could invite foreign speakers like M. Roosen, J. Guell, and other past presidents ESCRS. Marie-Jose also thinks of inviting O. Findl, T. Vanden Bergh, …
Why not bring life surgery in a morning session and the afternoon we offer a scientific program.

6/ Varia:

* Vincent Wery: article on Vision, focus on cataract and refractive surgery supported by SBO. It’s a supplement in La Libre Belgique created by mediaplanet. If the article is free and not commercial, we, as BSCRS, can    help him by offering articles on the different subjects.
* OCT: CTR reunion will reimburse 50% of the demanded extra fee of 75 euro. We may lose other classification numbers.
* Proposal subdividing cataract reimbursement number in congenital, traumatic, complex cataract, cataract + astigmatism,…
* Dr. Vincent Quin from the UCL will become member of the ESCRS young Ophthalmologists
* Question to the board ESCRS: Co-opted Belgian membership in ESCRS

7/ Next BSCRS Board meeting: 12/12/17

Your secretary service,