Board meeting 25/06/2015

(Secretary: Ben D’heer)

Present: Guy Sallet (GS), Bernard Mathys (BM), Robert Van Horenbeeck RVH), Benoit Golenvaux (BG), Fernand De Wilde (FDW), Peter Evens (PE), Carina Koppen (CK), Jean-Marie Rakic JMR), Ben D’heer (BD) & Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC)

Excused: Marie-José Tassignon (MJT), Oscar Kallay (OK) & Stefaan Reynders (SR)

Absent: Jerôme Vrijghem (JV) & Thierry van Doorselaer (TVD)

Members of the board who are absent without former notice have to pay their own dinner (without wine)

1) approval of previous board meeting
comment : the organizing committee of OB 2015 = PE,TVD,GS

2) balance sheet BSRS winter meeting
a letter has been written to the sponsors for feedback and ideas about future meetings

3) VAT reglementation for BSCRS and congresses

MJT has an appointment with a tax specialist about the fiscal rules and the costs when the BSCRS should become a “VAT company”

According to some members of the board VAT should be paid on all the recurrent costs

4) OB 2015

Organizing committee : PE, GS, TVD

Deadline program : september

Program: Indications for Anterior Segment Surgery: Pushing the boundaries.

The following titles are proposed:

  • Cataract & maculopathy
  • Cataract & astigmatism
  • Cornea & anterior segment surgery
  • Cataract & glaucoma

5) BSCRS Winter meeting 2016.

23th of january , Ostend

Organizing committee : GS, SR, BD

Program discussion

Live surgery (cost?)
Video complicated cases
Challenging cases: theoretic questions with voting system and panel discussion
Afternoon session : ethics with BBO-UPBMO & SOOS
GS, SRN, BD will discuss this further

Collaboration with other societies

BSONT seems not interested to share a program.

BG had contact with the French section :

Problem of identity
Problems of organisation in the past
To much work for the small BSONT board

BD never received an answer of the Flemish board

For now the discussion about collaboration with nurses is suspended.

Meeting with the industry

A social evening event together with the industry will be organized

Congress Fee residents : discount 50 euros

6) OCT book : has been sent

7) Website : no comments



residents can become members of the society for only 50 Euros

BM wil distribute the flyer.

The BSCRS has the opportunity to send a resident to the congress in Barcelona for free, with a bonus fee of 750 euros for expenses.
The universities are informed. Uptill now: no reactions.

– AOB : RVH and GS

The function of AOB is organizing the yearly OB congress

Every society should keep his own identity.

The defending professional organizations are BSCRS,BBO and SOOS.

Therefore, the board was not pleased about the comments sended by the AOB concerning OCT and blefaroplasty .

– Possibility will be explored of 3-year BSCRS/ESCRS-membership fee at reduced price during ESCRS-meeting in Barcelona. SAFIR has such a regulation.

Next meeting will be held on august the 26th. Your secretary.