Board meeting 25/06/2015

(Secretary: Ben D’heer)

Present: Guy Sallet (GS), Bernard Mathys (BM), Benoit Golenvaux (BG), Jerôme Vrijghem (JV), Marie-José Tassignon (MJT), Peter Evens (PE), Carina Koppen (CK), Jean-Marie Rakic (JMR), Ben D’heer (BD), Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC), Stefaan Reynders (SR), Thierry van Doorselaer (TVD)

Excused: Robert Van Horenbeeck RVH), Fernand De Wilde (FDW), Oscar Kallay (OK)

1/ approval of previous board meeting


2/ VAT reglementation for BSCRS and congresses

MJT had an appointment with a tax specialist
BSCRS is partly VAT liable.
For example: we have to pay VAT concerning invoices to sponsoring companies.

4/ OB 2015

Some minor program adjustments are made.
GS will send the final program to Marleen Verlaeckt

5/ BSCRS Winter meeting 2016.

23th of january, Ostend
Organizing committee: GS,SR,BD


Thermae Palace, Ostend


Friday 22th:

Golf tournament Friday afternoon
Royal Ostend Golf
Board and speakers dinner
Ostend Queen

Sat 23th:

Scientific program ophthalmologists

Nearly live surgery seems very expensive

 9.00-10.30 video symposium: “challenges and nightmares”
discussion with voting system
 11.00- 12.30  invited speakers: “ tricks and tools to prevent challenging cases”

Afternoon session: ethics with BBO-UPBMO & SOOS

Program nurses and technicians

“Hygiene in ophthalmic practice”

the BSCRS will provide a certification after this education to all participants.

Evening: A social event event together with the industry will be organized

The organising committee planned a visit to all the sites Friday the 28th and will report the next meeting

Meeting with the industry: a reception with the industry will be planned to thank them for their contribution and to talk about the future meeting ( 2 persons/company will be invited)

5/OCT book:

the proposition of SOOS concerning the reimbursement of the oct: the total cost of the oct amounts 50 euro ( equipment, technician, interpretation)

6/ keratoconus & cross-linking

JV received a letter from AG Insurance concerning their reimbursement of X linking in extramural centres.
A big questionnaire has to be answered to estimate the consequences of repayment.
GS will ask the ESCRS board for a comment
JV asks SOOS to respond to AG-insurance.

7/ Website:

GS will write “a letter from the president “on the frontpage of the site.

8/ Eyecare Bachelor

SOOS proposed to start a new “Bachelor in Eyecare “, an education with two directions to choose: “orthoptics or refraction”

9/ Extramural surgery

concerning cumulation of nomenclature:
a combination of consultation, IV injection and punction of the anterior chamber is possible.


– ESCRS: residents can become members of the society for free.

The BSCRS has the opportunity to send a resident to the congress in Barcelona for free, with a bonus fee of 750 euros for expenses.
Dr Ate Altenburg is elected.


registration fee wintermeeting for residents: 50 euro


OBAO seems to be interested in a combined meeting with us.

GS wil contact the president of OBAO to formulate a proposal.

-BSCRS Wintermeeting 2017:

Dr Rudy Nuyts proposes a joint meeting: ESCRS+ BSCRS in Maastricht.


Next meeting will be held on Thursday the 15th. of October.

Your secretary.

Ben D’heer