Report of the BSCRS-SOBEVECO Board meeting


S. Reynders
P. Evens
J. Blanckaert
M-J Tassignon
J. Vryghem
F. Dewilde.

B. Mathys
B. D’Heer
Fr. Van Cauwenberge
J-M Rackic
C. Koppen
B. Golenvaux
T. Vandorselaer
G. Sallet
R. Horenbeeck,

Begin: 20:00h
End: 22:30h


1/ Approval of previous board meeting;

approved , no remarks

2/ Report General Assembly 2017;

The General assembly was held as stated in the statuten of the BSCRS-SOBEVECO asbl-VZWin Waterlo at the 19-04-2017. All members were informed by mail of the agenda and received the previous Report of the GA 2016. We are a healthy society with a positive financial balance and a steady growing membership.

3/ Task repartition: President & Vice-President;

The board members reconfirmed the President Johan Blanckaert and Vice –President Francoise Vancauwenbergh for the 2017-2018 period.

4/ BSCRS Spring Meeting: Debriefing;

The spring meeting was a huge succes. The location « music Chapel reine Elisabeth » was stunning and we thank Peter for this excellent idea. The number of participants was high and the content and quality of the lectures was highly appreciated by the audience. In the afternoon the audience was less than we were used to have in previous years. We have to check if this continues in the following years. No demand for credit points was introduced. Danny will make the enquiry after the session date.

5/ OB 2017;

There will be no retribution for BSCRS –SOBEVECO from OB16. At the GA of AOB we learned that there were additional costs due to the terror attack in 2016, BSCRS-SOBEVECO did have more expenses to be paid by OB than the amount of the retribution. So our society will have to pay OB16 instead of receiving a retribution. M-J Tassignon will ask the full proceedings and detail of the costs done by OB17 before engaging in the payment of the bill to OB17. As such it is wise to continue to hold the BSCRS-SOBEVECO winter meeting.

For the report,

Johan Blanckaert