Dear Colleagues

In ophthalmology “TIMES are changing”. Artificial intelligence is coming fast, optometry is banging on the door, everybody’s world turns around the smartphone, genetic engineering defects in DNA, the reality is virtual. We have to admit that this is true for the whole world but in our speciality, it comes with rapid sometimes disruptive steps.
But our patients still demand the same: “good or better vision”.
It’s not a virtual vision they want, it’s real vision. Real vision they can use in every circumstance. Can we say they are more demanding? No, the world they live in becomes more demanding. Just focus on what used to be the visual truth in 1980. Patients where reading at 30cm and wanted to see far. That’s it, that was the reality. So, the mono-focal vision for far was the max they wanted. With the advent of bifocal IOL’s it was far and reading capability which was introduced because that was the visual need in the 80. Now there are a lot of things that happen in between those two focus points. Head up displays-GPS navigation- tablets etc. Now far and reading is not enough anymore and understandingly our patients want more and sometimes more than we can give actually. BSCRS tries to be at the forefront of the changes. As such We thank you for your membership to The BSCRS and we need your support more than ever. Defending our lovely speciality in joint effort with BBO-SOOS is a part of our commitment and your membership fee. We would like to continue doing so in this rapid changing world. So, a warm call to our young ophthalmologists to look at and perhaps join our BSCRS community.

Johan Blanckaert

BSCRS Spring Meeting 2020
  • Date: June 13, 2020
  • Venue: DELTA Hospital – Brussels
  • More details

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