Vision and Mission

  • The purpose of the BSCRS-SOBEVECO Society is to present ophthalmologists with learning opportunities that can promote positive change in physician performance or competence, thus enabling such physicians to maintain or improve their knowledge, skills and professional performance needed to provide the best possible eye care for their patients. Therefore we will continue to hold our BSCRS winter or spring congress dedicated to the more challenging topics in Cataract & Refractive Surgery.
  • BSCRS-SOBEVECO is working in close collaboration with the ESCRS. There is a long tradition of having BSCRS board members involved in ESCRS board or workgroups.
  • BSCRS-SOBEVECO is a recognised Professional Defense Society. As such we will form front with the other Professional Defense Societies as BBO-UPBMO and SOOS syndicate to defend our profession.
  • BSCRS-SOBEVECO has been recently VAT exempted, similar to the Belgian recognized Professional Defense Societies. It is therefore not in the position to be included in the unique OB fee. BSCRS-SOBEVECO will, however, continue to support and work with OB and AOB.


Topics of interest

The topics of interest of the BSCRS-SOBEVECO are:

  • Cataract and Anterior Segment
  • Cornea and External Disease
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology and Surgery
  • Refractive Management and Intervention
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Contactlenses and Drye Eye Disorders

Additionally, the BSCRS-SOBEVECO program provides contents for topics such as effective management of an ophthalmic practice, medical ethics, risk management and other areas deemed relevant by the needs of the membership.


Target Audience

The BSCRS-SOBEVECO is the largest national membership association of Eye M.D.s with special interest in the anterior segment diagnostics and surgical therapy. The primary target audience for the BSCRS-SOBEVECO is the practicing ophthalmologist working in comprehensive and specialized practices across a variety of settings in Belgium.


Types of Activities

  • Courses & Surgical skill transfer
  • Seminars dedicated to Cataract & Refractive Surgery
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology and Surgery
  • Refractive Management including contact lenses
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Nurses & Technicians Skill transfer Courses.
  • Ethical and Economic Courses.


Expected Benefits

The generally expected result of the diverse BSCRS-SOBEVECO programs is a broad array of ophthalmic knowledge that contributes to the lifelong learning of members and that advances physician performance, competence or patient outcomes. Specific expected results include increased knowledge across the ophthalmic community, a desire among practicing ophthalmologists to pursue lifelong learning, the refinement of already employed techniques or skills and the application of new techniques or skills for the improvement of practice and patient care.



BSCRS-SOBEVECO supported the FRO since its creation as founding member, more than 20 years ago. BSCRS-SOBEVECO sponsored travel grants and scientific programs selected by the external jury in the field of cataract, refractive and cornea.

The new FRO initiative to support multicentric collaboration in clinical studies in Belgium was accepted by the BSCRS-SOBEVECO board with great enthusiasm. Joined effort in science, socio-economic organization and internationalization has always been supported by BSCRS-SOBEVECO board members from the past and will be in the future.


Future Initiatives

BeCornea :SOBEVECO was since its creation dedicated to study  the cornea through  contact lens correction and refractive surgery procedures. But the cornea is not only a refractive surface. Pathology and treatment is currently advancing. New techniques for transplantation and investigation tools for treatment and diagnosis of the cornea pathology are now available. As such there is need for a specialized society.


Dr Johan Blanckaert,
In the name of the Board-members of BSCRS-SOBEVECO