Board meeting December 13th 2016.

(Secretary: Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert (JB)
Bernard Mathys (BM)
Marie-José Tassignon (MJT)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Peter Evens (PE)
Jean-Marie Rakic (JMR)
Ben D’heer (BD)
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC)
Stefaan Reynders (SR)


1/ approval of previous board meeting
Two remarks:

Mss Julie De Herdt will be invited next meeting.
(organised by RVH)

The new logo designed by PE was approved.

2/ Debriefing BSCRS meeting during OB 2016, Brussels

The meeting during half a day was a succes with approx. 180 participants.
The quality of the speakers was excellent.

3/ VAT reglementation

A professional association is not VAT liable.
Income out of congresses (for example OB) should not be subject to VAT.
This question and the procedure to follow will be asked to a notary, mss Julie De Herdt, invited next meeting. (organised by RVH)

4/ OB 2017

Program proposals:

Extremes in cataract surgery
Outliners in cataract surgery (nanopthalmic patients, uveitis, corneopathy)

Organisation committee: JB + JMR

5/ BSCRS Maastricht

6/BSCRS Spring Meeting Waterloo

– Organisation
Scientific Committee: BG+JV
Nurses & tecnicians program: PE+ BD

– Venue
Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, Waterloo
PE confirms the contract

– Program


To have enough votes in the board of AOB we should have 200 members.
Because the participants of our congresses are all temporary members during that year, we can achieve this amount.

BSCRS will not participate the Amico congress.


Membership Fees:
Annual membership fee BSCRS: 90 euros.
All the society membership fees have to be paid by the indivual doctors of the board. Only the congress inscriptions will be provided by BSCRS when we are part of the organisation.

SOOS extramural workgroup

SOOS has 134 paying members of the extramural workgroup. Not everybody has a BSCRS membership.

To solve this problem we could make a new package: “soos, bbo, extramural group, bscrs”.
All the extramural members are then obliged to become a member of BSCRS.
Of course, SOOS has to pay the fees of the membership to our society.

RIZIV: Task force

Savings by ophtalmology 5.000.000 euros /year.

1/ No reimbursed fee any more for ophtalmologists (RIZIV-370) assisting during operations.
Residents in training (RIZIV-037) ar entitled to receive this assisting fee.

2/ Phako reimbursment: 4,2% less reimbursement in order to compensate for cataract surgeries of young patients (Refractive surgery + Clear lensextractions during vitrectomies) .
The effect of this reimbursment reduction will be evaluated next year….


Tuesday 31th of January
Tuesday 7th of March

Your secretary,
Ben D’heer