Report of the Board Meeting 09/01/2018

Board meeting Tuesday 9th of January 2018.

(Secretary of the meeting : Ben D’heer)


Johan Blanckaert (JB), President
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC), vice-President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary
Marie-José Tassignon (Treasurer)

Ben D’heer (BD)
Fernand de Wilde (FDW)
Peter Evens (PE)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Carina Koppen ( CK)
Jean-Marie Rajic ( JMR)
Guy Sallet (GS)
Robert Van Horenbeeck ( RVH)
Jerome Vryghem ( JV)

Stefaan Reynders (SR)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)


1/ Approval of previous board meeting
The report of the previous meeting has been accepted.

2/BSCRS winter meeting:
Antwerp, February 23-24, 2018: program update.
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Antwerp.
Program: on the website

3/OB 2018
"Refractive pearls for the cataract surgeon"
Organising commitee:
Johan Blanckaert (JB), President
Ben D’heer (BD)
Guy Sallet (GS)
Jerome Vryghem ( JV)

4/Financial news from Prof. Tassignon:
BSCRS membership, financial balance and choice of the accountant
In connection with the VAT administration and accountancy, offers will be compared by members of the board at various offices to make a final decision with the next meeting. (JMR, MJT, BM)

5/ New agreement Medico-Mut.
Johan Blanckaert discusses the agreement of the medico-mut with possible consequences for ophthalmology.
A reimbursement amount for the OCT was approved, presumably with the abolition of a consultation nomenclature.

Report of the Board Meeting 12/12/2017

Board meeting Tuesday 12th of December 2017.

(Secretary of the meeting : Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert (JB), President
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC), vice-President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary
Marie-José Tassignon (Treasurer)

Ben D’heer (BD)
Peter Evens (PE)
Carina Koppen ( CK)
Jean-Marie Rajic ( JMR)

Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Stefaan Reynders (SR)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)
Robert Van Horenbeeck ( RVH)
Jerome Vryghem ( JV)

1/ Approval of previous board meeting

The report of the previous meeting has been accepted.

2/ Debriefing OB2017

The voting sytem was well apreciated, although the system was not perfect.
BD informs about alternative sytems with an App.
Simultaneous wetlabs should be avoided parallel with the BSCRS session.
The BSONT session should take place at the same moment (nurses and technicians are unemployed during the BSCRS sessions)

3/ BSCRS Winter Meeting:Antwerp program update

Dinner at Horta, Antwerp
Subject of the evening: "the Commencement"

BSCRS meeting: Saturday the 24th :
Subject : "Bag to the Future"
Several speakers are proposed and will be contacted by MJT.
The Board will discuss the lectures at the next meeting.
A voting system will be provided.

Myopia control
Dry eye
Specialty Lenses

No program yet

BD will ask the Board of the BSONT if they are interested to join our meeting.

Privacy issues in daily practice

Subject: what is cataract ? (JB)

4/ certifisc update

MJT has planned a meeting with Certifisc.

5/ combined meetings : BSCRS-SAFIR versus SBO-SFO

It would be interesting to organize a combined meeting with SAFIR in Paris.
BM informs about the possibilities.

6/ Update Ambulatory Surgical Centers

There have been talks with the government regarding subsidy to connect the EMD to the central servers.
The insurance companies have promised to be more transparant due to the insured guarantees of the patients.


Tuesday, January 9th 2018.


Your Secretary of the meeting,
Ben D’heer

Report of the Board Meeting 24/10/2017

Report of the BSCRS meeting 24/10/17   Brussel

1/ Approval report

last Board meeting: no remarks

2/ AOB: Unique fee for the societies: Presented by Paul Jonckheere at AOB.

We want a separate fee for every society. As we see in France (Safir is independent of SFO,ASCRS is independent of AAO…). We don’t want this unique fee.
AOB is creating a working group on this matter.

3/ How can we enhance membership numbers in BSCRS?

We now have 167 members. Peter is head of a working group to stimulate membership.
The website is important. Members of BSCRS get a discount when buying in a certain company. A group purchase gives extra discount and so we can attract new members. Why not a newsletter exclusive for the BSCRS members?
All doctors working in extramural centres should be obliged to be a member of the BSCRS. 135 eye doctors do work in these centres.
Peter, Fernand and Stefaan will go to the next “extramural workgroup meeting” to defend this proposal.
We need a secretary to take care of these matters.
Proposals will be presented after the winter meeting.

4/ OB 17:

Update on the program: Jean-Marie thinks of using a voting system.
The author prepares a question with 5 possible answers and the same is repeated after the presentation. 1 person will comment the results of the vote.

5/ Winter meeting

Saturday, specific date to be decided asap.
Location “a room with a Zoo” Antwerp

Program: “Bag to the future” (sorry BACK) we could invite foreign speakers like M. Roosen, J. Guell, and other past presidents ESCRS. Marie-Jose also thinks of inviting O. Findl, T. Vanden Bergh, …
Why not bring life surgery in a morning session and the afternoon we offer a scientific program.

6/ Varia:

* Vincent Wery: article on Vision, focus on cataract and refractive surgery supported by SBO. It’s a supplement in La Libre Belgique created by mediaplanet. If the article is free and not commercial, we, as BSCRS, can    help him by offering articles on the different subjects.
* OCT: CTR reunion will reimburse 50% of the demanded extra fee of 75 euro. We may lose other classification numbers.
* Proposal subdividing cataract reimbursement number in congenital, traumatic, complex cataract, cataract + astigmatism,…
* Dr. Vincent Quin from the UCL will become member of the ESCRS young Ophthalmologists
* Question to the board ESCRS: Co-opted Belgian membership in ESCRS

7/ Next BSCRS Board meeting: 12/12/17

Your secretary service,

Report of the Board Meeting 29/08/2017

Board meeting Tuesday 29th of August 2017.

(Secretary of the meeting : Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert (JB), President
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC), vice-President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary
Marie-José Tassignon (MJT) Treasurer

Ben D’heer (BD)
Fernand DeWilde (FDW)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Carina Koppen (CK)
Jean-Marie Rajic (JMR)
Guy Sallet (GS)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)
Robert Van Horenbeeck (RVH)

1/ Approval of previous board meeting

The report of the previous meeting is approved.

The accreditation for the BSCRS spring meeting is approved by INAMI

2/ Membership : current status

The number of members consists of the regular members and the doctors who have registered for the winter meeting.
So we come to 179 members.

How can we optimize this number?

1/Sign up for more ophthalmologists to become a member.
Only 583 ophthalmologists are enrolled in Belgium by the bscrs (of which about 92 are no longer in function).
We will try to obtain the full list of all ophthalmologists in Belgium to apply.
JB is looking for this listing via VBS and Thea Pharma.

2/ SOOS has 142 extramural members. Only 83 of them are member of the BSCRS.
The rule is that a BSCRS membership is obliged to be included on the website of the extramural workgroup. The listing on the website gives authority to the Insurance companies to reimburse surgery.
The treasurer will prepare a letter to be send to the non-bscrs members to inspire them of paying the membership fee of BSCRS to avoid being deleted from the extramural list which would stop reimbursement from insurance comp.

4/ Cataract education for residents ( MJT)

There are no criteria to operate.
Surgery in the program is not required to become an ophthalmologist.
Everyone may do surgery who has achieved the ophthalmologist's degree.

FOD wishes to revise the program to provide criteria and follow-up systems concering the surgical skills.

A surgical similator could be hired during OB by BSCSR to organize wetlabs for residents.

MJT informs by ESCRS how expensive such a device is to rent.

5/ Voting AOB lecture 2017

Drs Leonard en Hitchings are elected for the OB lecture

6/ Program Layout BSCRS Meeting ( OB 17)

JMR- JB- TVD are organising the OB meeting wednesday the 22th of November.

Oliver Findle will be contacted ( JB) to join us for the meeting. He is already in Brussels for the ob meeting .

JMR prepared a list of proposed subjects.
It will be a video based symposium with a panel and a voting system ( if possible)

The board members who want to present a topic should sent a mail to the organisers.

7/Program Layout BSCRS Wintermeeting 2018.

MJT and CK will organise the winter meeting in Antwerp:

Saturday the 13th, or the 20th of January 2018.

The proposed venue : Elisabeth zaal


Tuesday, October 24th

Your Secretary of the meeting,
Ben D’heer

Report of the Board Meeting 31/05/2017

Report of the BSCRS-SOBEVECO Board meeting


S. Reynders
P. Evens
J. Blanckaert
M-J Tassignon
J. Vryghem
F. Dewilde.

B. Mathys
B. D’Heer
Fr. Van Cauwenberge
J-M Rackic
C. Koppen
B. Golenvaux
T. Vandorselaer
G. Sallet
R. Horenbeeck,

Begin: 20:00h
End: 22:30h


1/ Approval of previous board meeting;

approved , no remarks

2/ Report General Assembly 2017;

The General assembly was held as stated in the statuten of the BSCRS-SOBEVECO asbl-VZWin Waterlo at the 19-04-2017. All members were informed by mail of the agenda and received the previous Report of the GA 2016. We are a healthy society with a positive financial balance and a steady growing membership.

3/ Task repartition: President & Vice-President;

The board members reconfirmed the President Johan Blanckaert and Vice –President Francoise Vancauwenbergh for the 2017-2018 period.

4/ BSCRS Spring Meeting: Debriefing;

The spring meeting was a huge succes. The location « music Chapel reine Elisabeth » was stunning and we thank Peter for this excellent idea. The number of participants was high and the content and quality of the lectures was highly appreciated by the audience. In the afternoon the audience was less than we were used to have in previous years. We have to check if this continues in the following years. No demand for credit points was introduced. Danny will make the enquiry after the session date.

5/ OB 2017;

There will be no retribution for BSCRS –SOBEVECO from OB16. At the GA of AOB we learned that there were additional costs due to the terror attack in 2016, BSCRS-SOBEVECO did have more expenses to be paid by OB than the amount of the retribution. So our society will have to pay OB16 instead of receiving a retribution. M-J Tassignon will ask the full proceedings and detail of the costs done by OB17 before engaging in the payment of the bill to OB17. As such it is wise to continue to hold the BSCRS-SOBEVECO winter meeting.

For the report,

Johan Blanckaert

Report of the Board Meeting 07/03/2017

Board meeting Tuesday 7th of March 2017.

(Secretary of the meeting: Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert ( JB), President
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe ( FVC), vice-President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary

Ben D’heer (BD)
Peter Evens (PE)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Carina Koppen ( CK)
Jean-Marie Rajic ( JMR)
Guy Sallet ( GS)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)
Robert Van Horenbeeck ( RVH)
Jerome Vryghem (JV)


1/ approval of previous board meeting

No Remarks

2/ VAT reglementation

Explanation of Mr Jorn Peyskens (Certifisc):

Syndical Organisations are not VAT liable when this is the only activity of the association.
Educational activities are also not VAT liable when this is the only activity.
Every other service provided should be VAT liable.

The BSCRS also offers other activities (Congress organisations with catering services, expositions etc)
That's why Sobeveco/Bscrs should be a VAT liable company and consequently the membership and congress fees need to be VAT included.
Also, invoices to other organisations including AOB need to be made VAT included.
In the present case BSCRS has to make an invoice due to the profits of the OB congress : 7786,40 euro + VAT.

A taskforce consisting of 3 board members were asked to investigate the regulations that have to be followed (Application VAT identification number, price estimation accountants etc)

The following members will take care of this task:

Bernard Matthys, General Secretary
MJ Tassignon, Treasurer
Carina Koppen

3/ BSCRS Maastricht

Approx. 150 participants during the meeting on Sunday

4/BSCRS Spring Meeting Waterloo april 22.

Scientific organisation

Speakers who have confirmed their participation:

John Kanellopoulos
Milind Pande
Artur Cummings
Richard Packart

A detailed program will be published on the website as soon as possible


Catering: ok and confirmed

Martin’s Hotel: BSCRS has taken an option on several rooms.

5/ OB 2017

Next meeting : proposal of the program.


Liability insurance

An insurance for all the board members to cover their liability concerning the fiscal obligations of the association should be made by sobeveco/bscrs.
Carina Koppen wil inform through the insurance broker if this is the case.


Wednesday 31th of May.

Tuesday 29th of August.

Your Secretary of the meeting,
Ben D’heer

Report of the Board Meeting 31/01/2017

Board meeting January 31th 2017.

(Secretary of the meeting: Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert (JB), President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary
Marie-José Tassignon (MJT), Treasurer

Ben D’heer (BD)
Peter Evens (PE)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Carina Koppen (CK)
Stefaan Reynders (SR)
Guy Sallet (GS)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)
Robert Van Horenbeeck (RVH)


1/ approval of previous board meeting

No Remarks

2/ VAT reglementation

The planned explanation of Mr Jorn Peyskens (Certifisc): Mr Peyskens didn’t show up.
Professional advice is necessary to find out wich income is VAT liable.

3/ BSCRS Maastricht

The program was proposed (cfr website ESCRS)
40 Belgian residents will participate the visual optics program.
BSCRS is sponsoring 25 euro for the Inscription Fee.

4/ BSCRS Spring Meeting Waterloo april 22.

- Organizing Commitee

Scientific Committee: BG+JV
Nurses & Tecnicians program: PE+ BD
Logistics: PE
Golf: JV

- Registration fees

Fees before and after 22th of april:

Residents free/free
Bscrs + soos members 85/115
Non bscrs members 100/130
Nurses&technicians 50/65
OBOA members 50/65

Social event & dinner 75

- Hotel

The congress hotel will be: Martin’s Waterloo
An option for 50 rooms is made with a discount of 10%
Reservation via website

- Speakers dinner Friday evening

The restaurant: “L’ amandier de genval” is approved.

- Program

General Assembly

The meeting will start with the general assembly at 8.30 with coffee.
The president will have a short conclusion speech before lunch.

BSCRS Symposium

“Unhappy and challenging cataract & refractive patients”

BG proposes the scientific program. He will send us the final details when the proposed speakers of abroad have confirmed .

Nurses and technicians (PE + BD)

“How to achieve patient satisfaction”
2 groups will be made: a French and a Dutch discussion group

14:00-15:30 first impressions , consultation
15:30-16.00 break
16:00-17:30 operation, post surgical experience

PE and BD take care of the program, together with nurses and technicians of the Focus Eye Clinic and Oogkliniek Deurne.

PE and BD are moderators during the program.


The companies will also be invited to join the evening event

5/ OB 2017

Program: “Outliners in cataract surgery”

Organizing committee: JB + JMR + TVD.

Tuesday 7th of March

Your Secretary of the meeting,
Ben D’heer

Report of the Board Meeting 13/12/2016

Board meeting December 13th 2016.

(Secretary: Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert (JB)
Bernard Mathys (BM)
Marie-José Tassignon (MJT)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Peter Evens (PE)
Jean-Marie Rakic (JMR)
Ben D’heer (BD)
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC)
Stefaan Reynders (SR)


1/ approval of previous board meeting
Two remarks:

Mss Julie De Herdt will be invited next meeting.
(organised by RVH)

The new logo designed by PE was approved.

2/ Debriefing BSCRS meeting during OB 2016, Brussels

The meeting during half a day was a succes with approx. 180 participants.
The quality of the speakers was excellent.

3/ VAT reglementation

A professional association is not VAT liable.
Income out of congresses (for example OB) should not be subject to VAT.
This question and the procedure to follow will be asked to a notary, mss Julie De Herdt, invited next meeting. (organised by RVH)

4/ OB 2017

Program proposals:

Extremes in cataract surgery
Outliners in cataract surgery (nanopthalmic patients, uveitis, corneopathy)

Organisation committee: JB + JMR

5/ BSCRS Maastricht

6/BSCRS Spring Meeting Waterloo

- Organisation
Scientific Committee: BG+JV
Nurses & tecnicians program: PE+ BD

- Venue
Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, Waterloo
PE confirms the contract

- Program


To have enough votes in the board of AOB we should have 200 members.
Because the participants of our congresses are all temporary members during that year, we can achieve this amount.

BSCRS will not participate the Amico congress.


Membership Fees:
Annual membership fee BSCRS: 90 euros.
All the society membership fees have to be paid by the indivual doctors of the board. Only the congress inscriptions will be provided by BSCRS when we are part of the organisation.

SOOS extramural workgroup

SOOS has 134 paying members of the extramural workgroup. Not everybody has a BSCRS membership.

To solve this problem we could make a new package: “soos, bbo, extramural group, bscrs”.
All the extramural members are then obliged to become a member of BSCRS.
Of course, SOOS has to pay the fees of the membership to our society.

RIZIV: Task force

Savings by ophtalmology 5.000.000 euros /year.

1/ No reimbursed fee any more for ophtalmologists (RIZIV-370) assisting during operations.
Residents in training (RIZIV-037) ar entitled to receive this assisting fee.

2/ Phako reimbursment: 4,2% less reimbursement in order to compensate for cataract surgeries of young patients (Refractive surgery + Clear lensextractions during vitrectomies) .
The effect of this reimbursment reduction will be evaluated next year….


Tuesday 31th of January
Tuesday 7th of March

Your secretary,
Ben D’heer

Report of the Board Meeting 05/10/2016

Report of meeting BSCRS-Sobeveco - of 5-10-16

(Secretary: Dr. Fernand De Wilde)

We start our meeting with one minute of silence in honour to Dr Rene Trau who recently passed away.

1. Approval of the report of our previous board meeting.

2. VAT reglementation:
On the membership fees there is no VAT charge. On the inscription of our congresses we do have to pay VAT.
The notary Miss. De Herdt Julie will be invited to our next board meeting to inform us on this delicate matter.Robert Van Horenbeeck will organise this.

3. OB 2016 program update Peter & Benoit.
They will send us the final program.

4. We will not participate to the Amico meeting this year due to the overlap with our joint BSCRS/ESCRS meeting in Maastricht.

5. AOB:
Up to now we had Peter Stalmans congress retina, also the Carl Claes retina Congress. A new young congress is coming up, The Brussels Retina Meeting organised by Dr.E. Balie and J. Depla. They want to organise this meeting with the support of AOB office.
We do not agree with this.

6. Bscrs spring meeting.

Proposition Saturday 22 April
Location: Chappelle Reine Elisabeth , Tervuren

7. Next winter meeting: BSCRS/ NOG/ ESCRS
We will have a seperate room for our annual members meeting. Prof Dr. R. Nuyts proposes the title: Ophthalmology of “de lage landen”.
“Visual optics course” for OBAO members: proposition to offer the inscription to the residents is accepted.

8. AOB:
Residents in training can join our society for free when they assist to one of our scientific meetings. They can become a vast member after one year.
We better join SOOS-BBO-Bevas to have one global package deal (which would cost 75 euro extra).
The eye surgeons who join our society are notified on a list marked on our website. Insurance companies will consult this website to find a certified refractive and cataract surgeon.

9. Surgical training resident:
This is very expensive.

10. Medical honoraria:
Inami number for cataract: a new description is upcoming “cataract surgery reimbursed except in cases of refractive purposes”.

11. Next board meeting:
13 december

Yours truly,

Report of the Board Meeting 14/07/2016

Board meeting July 14th 2016.

(Secretary: Dr. Peter Evens)

Dr. Guy Sallet, Dr. Robert Van Horenbeeck, Dr. Fernand De Wilde, Dr. Jérôme Vryghem,
Dr. Jean Marie Rakic, Dr. Francoise Van Cauwenbergh, Dr. Prof. Marie José Tassignon, Dr. Peter Evens, Dr. Carine Koppen, Dr. Stephane Reynders, Dr. Benoit Golenvaux, Dr. Johan Blanckaert and Dr. Bernard Mathys.

Approval of the report of the previous board meeting.

The report of the previous board meeting is approved with unanimity.

2) VAT reglementation for BSCRS:
Dr. Prof. Marie José Tassignon gives a little update on where we are with this VAT reglementation.
At this point we have no complete answers on this VAT reglementation.
Dr. Johan Blanckaert propose to postpone this topic for the next meeting in October.

3) OB 2016
Title of the 2016 OB meeting: New tools and techniques in anterior segment imaging and surgery.
Moderators: Dr. Fernand De Wilde, Dr. Benoit Golenvaux and Dr. Peter Evens
Programme was adapted lightly. In annexe, you will find the adapted programme with the speakers.
Speakers must confirm their presence at the OB.

4) ESCRS Wintermeeting in Maastricht:

a) Participation of the BSCRS at the ESCRS Wintermeeting in Maastricht.
To attract Belgian residents, a discount of 250€ per BSCRS member was proposed so BSCRS would like to confirm it's participation in a joint meeting.
This means some kind of complementarity in composing the programme and the speakers.
The refund of BSCRS will be used as a grant.

b) BSCRS Classic Wintermeeting will become a spring meeting (end of May- beginning of June).
Dr. Peter Evens has some more information about the location: St. Elisabeth Chapel in Waterloo. This location offers 3 simultaneous rooms for BSCRS conference, for OBAO lectures and for the ESONT symposium.
In the evening, there will be a musical intermezzo followed by a walking dinner in the Art Deco environment.
Cost (on basis of 200 persons): catering during the day: 66.5€ VAT included / person

Catering in the evening including a reception, drink after the conference and a walking
dinner: 60€ / person
We would have to add about 45 euro per person for the location and the audiovisual support.

So considering the fact that the evening programme is less expensive than at the day, the overall cost for organizing the Spring meeting in the St. Elisabeth Chapel will be the same.

Dr. Jérôme Vryghem and Dr. Johan Blanckaert will be responsible for organizing this conference.
Dr. Peter Evens will be responsible for the logistics.

Possible dates are 06/05, 13/05, 27/05, 12/06, 24/06.

5) AOB:

6) Taskforce savings
Topic: refund for assistance during cataract surgery only for assistants in ophtalmology

Update website: The website is updated for BSCRS-SOBEVECO.
The new president can maybe make a little word for the homepage.

Some words about the Surgical Training programme with the surgical simulator: Cost price: 180.000€
Marie José Tassignon gave some information on the price of the equipment on the rental cost of the location, on the support of the companies.

The next BSCRS meeting will be on 5th of October: Some Brazilian doctors would like to have a competition on surgical videos at the ESCRS. A new italian company NNC would like to participate at the BSCRS Spring Meeting.

All members of extra-mural centres perform surgery have to be member of BSCRS.

Stephane Reynders suggests that refining nomenclatura numbers, cataract surgery should be mentioned per eye so that we don't loose 50% on the second eye in case of bilateral surgery.

Jérôme Vryghem has somebody to replace him as speaker at the ESCRS Academy on the 28th of October in Moscow. Topic: Cataract surgery in previous corneal surgeries.