Board meeting Tuesday 29th of August 2017.

(Secretary of the meeting : Ben D’heer)

Johan Blanckaert (JB), President
Francoise Van Cauwenberghe (FVC), vice-President
Bernard Mathys (BM), General Secretary
Marie-José Tassignon (MJT) Treasurer

Ben D’heer (BD)
Fernand DeWilde (FDW)
Benoit Golenvaux (BG)
Carina Koppen (CK)
Jean-Marie Rajic (JMR)
Guy Sallet (GS)
Thierry Van Doorselaer (TVD)
Robert Van Horenbeeck (RVH)

1/ Approval of previous board meeting

The report of the previous meeting is approved.

The accreditation for the BSCRS spring meeting is approved by INAMI

2/ Membership : current status

The number of members consists of the regular members and the doctors who have registered for the winter meeting.
So we come to 179 members.

How can we optimize this number?

1/Sign up for more ophthalmologists to become a member.
Only 583 ophthalmologists are enrolled in Belgium by the bscrs (of which about 92 are no longer in function).
We will try to obtain the full list of all ophthalmologists in Belgium to apply.
JB is looking for this listing via VBS and Thea Pharma.

2/ SOOS has 142 extramural members. Only 83 of them are member of the BSCRS.
The rule is that a BSCRS membership is obliged to be included on the website of the extramural workgroup. The listing on the website gives authority to the Insurance companies to reimburse surgery.
The treasurer will prepare a letter to be send to the non-bscrs members to inspire them of paying the membership fee of BSCRS to avoid being deleted from the extramural list which would stop reimbursement from insurance comp.

4/ Cataract education for residents ( MJT)

There are no criteria to operate.
Surgery in the program is not required to become an ophthalmologist.
Everyone may do surgery who has achieved the ophthalmologist’s degree.

FOD wishes to revise the program to provide criteria and follow-up systems concering the surgical skills.

A surgical similator could be hired during OB by BSCSR to organize wetlabs for residents.

MJT informs by ESCRS how expensive such a device is to rent.

5/ Voting AOB lecture 2017

Drs Leonard en Hitchings are elected for the OB lecture

6/ Program Layout BSCRS Meeting ( OB 17)

JMR- JB- TVD are organising the OB meeting wednesday the 22th of November.

Oliver Findle will be contacted ( JB) to join us for the meeting. He is already in Brussels for the ob meeting .

JMR prepared a list of proposed subjects.
It will be a video based symposium with a panel and a voting system ( if possible)

The board members who want to present a topic should sent a mail to the organisers.

7/Program Layout BSCRS Wintermeeting 2018.

MJT and CK will organise the winter meeting in Antwerp:

Saturday the 13th, or the 20th of January 2018.

The proposed venue : Elisabeth zaal


Tuesday, October 24th

Your Secretary of the meeting,
Ben D’heer