Board meeting 29/04/2015

(Secretary: Dr. Peter Evens)

Present: Dr. Guy Sallet, Dr. Robert Van Horenbeeck, Dr. Marie-José Tassignon, Dr. Bernard Mathys,
Dr. Van Cauwenberghe Francoise, Dr. Jérome Vryghem, Dr. Benoit Golenvaux, Dr. Peter Evens,
Dr. Carine Koppen, Dr. Oscar Kallay, Dr. Ben d’Heer, Dr. Stefaan Reynders en Dr. Thierry Van Doorselaar

Excused: Dr. Rajic Jean Marie, Dr. De Wilde F, Dr. E. Tackoen, en Dr. Johan Blanckaert

1) Dr. Guy Sallet, the new president, thanks Dr. Robert Van Horenbeeck for his dedicated membership and presidency of the BSCRS board. He welcomes the new members: Ben d’Heer, Stefaan Reynders, Thierry Van Doorselaer, Fernand De Wilde and Prof. Dr. Rajic Jean Marie.

Elected Vice president: Dr. Francoise Van Cauwenberghe
Secretary: Dr. Bernard Mathys
Treasurer: Marie José Tassignon

Dr. Jérome Vryghem en Dr. Robert Van Horenbeeck are invite guests. They have no voting rights.

2) Task repartition:

President: Dr. Guy Sallet
Vice president: Dr. Francoise Van Cauwenberghe
Secretary: Dr. Bernard Mathys
Treasurer: Marie José Tassignon

3) Approval of previous Board meeting report:
The reports of the board meeting will be pre-parted between the five new members. As a rule, the board meeting will begin at 8 pm and will stop at 10 pm.
The report should be compact, on time and in english.
There are no remarks on the report of the board meeting of March 2015.

4) Debriefing BSCRS Winter Meeting 2015 in Spa (Hotel Balmoral):
Aproximately 100 doctors attended the meeting. The number of attendance was influenced by the following factors. The meeting was 15 days after the AMICO meeting, the program for the nurses and technicians was insufficient. Maybe the entrance fee was too high for nurses and technicians.

The different components of the BSCRS Meeting were evaluated.

Friday Presidence diner excellent
BSCRS morning session excellent
SOOS Ethical afternoon session good
Contact lens session good
Nurses and technicians session low number of participants
Diner and party low number of participants

Conclusion: Globally, it was a succesful meeting. In the future, probably it would be better to have a fixed team with remuneration to organize the congress. The sponsoring of the companies was quite high but the reactions on the visibility and the participation of the companies was moderate.
The companies prefer more catering on the stands and Dr. Guy Sallet will send the companies a debriefing enquete.
To enhance the participation of the nurses and technicians a new invitation to the BSONT will be organized. Benoit Golenvaux will contact the french counter part en Ben d’Heer the flemish counter part.

We will have some news about this issue on the next meeting.

In the event that BSONT refuses to participate in the BSCRS Winter Meeting, a new society for ophtalmologic surgery nurses could be considerated in the BSCRS.

To conclude, Dr. Guy Sallet thanks the organizing committee.

5) OB 2015 theme: “Indications for a Anterior Segment Surgery: Pushing the boundaries.”

This BSCRS Meeting at OB is intended for basic ophtalmologists. The content of the topics has to be very didactical.

a) Cataract and Maculopathie
b) Cataract and surface disease including dryness, meibomius disease and amnion grafting
c) Cataract and Glaucoma
d) Cataract and Astigmatism

Organizing committee: Dr. Guy Sallet, Dr. Peter Evens, Dr. Stefaan Reynders and Dr. Thierry Van Doorselaer.

The invited speakers will be proposed on the next board meeting.

6) Preparation fo the next BSCRS Winter meetings:

2016: Oostende has been chosen for the next destination for BSCRS Winter Meeting.
Organizing committee: Guy Sallet, Ben d’Heer and Stefaan Reynders.
2017: Antwerp
2018: The new Delta project of Brussels (Dr. B. Golenvaux)

7) Website:
There are no remarks about the website. Flash news will include the summary of the BSCRS board meetings.

8) Varia

In collaboration with SOOS, an official answer will be organized against Alcon and Novartis initiatives for educating opticians.

Free ESCRS membership is voted for trainees.

Next ESCRS Winter Meeting will be held in Athens in 2016.

New initiatives for OCT refund included a BBO coordination for a OCT book that will be composed by all the societies having benefit in OCT reimbursement. This book will be presented to the FOD.

Robert Van Hoorenbeeck adresses the new evolution in btw/tva reglementation. We will probably need a fiscal expert advice.

EB of ophtalmology and ESCRS will organize a examination for young cataract and refractive surgeon in the future.

Next meeting will be held on June 25 2015.